Monday, August 3, 2009

How powerful is SLEDGE HAMMER...BBW

Here's a great scene of me dicking down a BBW. A lot of folks ask how powerful am I. Look at me, laying that pipe and see how strong my strokes are. Check it out.

My cock star video-SLEDGE HAMMER 4 hour movies

This dvd is produced by Devil's Film, and also my fans favorite. The reason why is because it's 4 hours of me in action!
I get email for the link alot. I have it in the link section from my yahoo group. But here's a link:

SLEDGE HAMMER the gang bang videos

Here's a video of me doing a gang bang scene. Let me know what you think

SLEDGE HAMMER laying down the pipe

Here's a great scene of me lying down the pipe on a sistah! Tell me what you think!

Sledge Hammer-myspace page

I love my myspace page. I didn't know that alot of folks knew who I am. In the valley you just get hired and be done and that's it. You really don't know who likes your scene! So if you have myspace page here's the link:


Recently I've recieved a Hall of Fame Award from the Urban X Awards this past weekend. It was a great honor. I've been in the buisness for over ten years, so it was cool to be recongize! Here's a cool pic of me on stage recieving the award.